Where Does He Get The Nerve?

Where does Barry get his unbelievable chutzpah? I cannot remember any presidential candidate addressing a mass rally in a foreign country. Yes, candidates travel abroad, but only as fact finders, not as national leaders. Does Barry not know this? Or does he think the rules of appropriateness don’t apply to a candidate of his alleged stature?

I suspect he does know (certainly someone in his campaign would have informed him) that such a speech was unprecedented, but that only seemed to encourage him. So where does this megalomania come from?

The source, I believe, is the post-1960s American education system. The 60s produced a revolution in which the goal of education became the development of self-esteem rather than the development of skilled and informed citizens. This mission was pursued most vigorously when it came to black students (it still is). Thus, any black kid with a modicum of intelligence and motivation is treated like a music teacher would his discovery of another Mozart.

So far, no one, to my knowledge, has bothered to look into Barry’s education and the extent to which racial preference has padded his resume. We know, because she told us so, that Barry’s wife would not have been admitted to Princeton with her test scores if she were white. On the evidence of her illiterate and self-obsessed senior thesis, I find it hard to believe she would have graduated “with honors” if not for her race.

So why don’t we know about Barry’s SAT scores? An ordinary employer could ask Barry for a copy of his college transcript and test scores; why can’t the media ask it of an applicant for the job of President?

It is doubtful that any investigative reporter or media organization would want to look into the role of racial preference in Barry’s admission to Columbia, Harvard Law, or his “election” to the editorship of the Harvard Law Review.

There is a little talk on the Web about Barry’s senior thesis at Columbia which, alas, seems to have gone missing.

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