The Democratic Hissy Fit

Israel is a tiny country that rose out of the ashes of 6 million Jews murdered by the Nazis while most of the world’s leaders looked on. It’s also a country attacked daily by Iranian-backed Hamas, threatened by Iranian supplied-and-directed Hezbollah, and menaced with annihilation by the mullahs’ mouthpiece in Iran- a country on the brink of possessing nuclear weapons.

So, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Israel’s founding, the President addressed the Israeli parliament and had the temerity to proclaim American solidarity with Israel and, furthermore, had the bad taste to remind us of the sorry history of the 1930’s (you remember: Hitler, Munich, and appeasement) in order to criticize today’s left-wing pacifists who wish Israel would go away and thus give birth to a Middle East miraculously transformed into the Garden of Eden it apparently once was. ( I’m thinking of Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski, the European left, and Barack Obama’s foreign policy advisers.) For some reason, the Democratic Party and its presumptive nominee are taking this personally and throwing a hissy fit, in the service of which the ghost of Joe McCarthy will, no doubt, be mobilized.

Considering the behavior while abroad of Jimmy Carter, Nancy Pelosi, Bill Clinton and other Democrats who have repeatedly undermined American foreign policy, I can only conclude that Bush hit the Democrats where they’re weak and they know it. Today’s Democratic Party is not the party of Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy and Johnson. It’s the party of George McGovern who supported the Communist-backed Henry Wallace against Harry Truman in 1948. Despite the denials, the post-1972 Democratic Party is inclined towards pacifism, appeasement, and anti-Americanism.

A part of their inclination towards pacifism is an attempt to delegitimize the history of World War II as a guide to thinking about national security threats and mobilizing public opinion. An egregious example is a recent “pacifist history” of World War II by novelist Nicholson Baker which received a glowing review on the front page of the New York Times Book Review. Baker believes that the bloodthirsty, war-mongering FDR and Churchill were the real bad guys back then. Also an article in the latest New York Review of Books attempts to readjust our thinking on that war and thus obscure the consequences of ignoring and, yes, appeasing evil until it’s too late. Instead of discussing the consequences of appeasement, we must accede to pacifist doctrine derived from our experience in Vietnam, and conclude that every American military action will result in “quagmire” (at least for America) and that every enemy is an innocent victim of American “imperialism.” That’s really what the Democrats are peddling here.

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