They're Both Losers

The Times of London columnist Gerard Baker incisively examines the Democrats’ dilemma and concludes: Both candidates are losers.

Peggy Noonan is probably mostly right about Bush.

But Tom Maguire of Just One Minute is probably more right.

Also, I’m concerned about McCain’s holier-than-thou stance, expressed most recently over a North Carolina Republican Party ad reminding voters of the preachergate scandal. Obama (and his media toadies) are mau-mauing his opposition and the non-toady media by asserting that preachergate and the rest of Obama’s baggage are subjects not fit for discussion among respectable people. McCain’s request that the ad be pulled only legitimizes this ploy and does him no good.

The Clintons have, for years, managed to use this trick successfully in preempting any discussion of their baggage.

McCain has a lot going for him, but I think his self-consciously adopted Mr. Clean image leaves him open to charges of hypocrisy when he’s found to have flaws and disarms him by preventing him from raising questions about his opponent’s character – an issue at least as important as his opponent’s views on taxes.

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