How Obama Plans To "Bring Us Together"

Well, at least we now know how the Obamas plan to “bring us together”- by wielding the scarlet R as a weapon to silence criticism. This will indeed create the illusion of togetherness if not the reality. And the liberal media can be counted on to go with the illusion when it comes to matters of race.

The Wall Street Journal editorial page looks at the Obama campaign’s attempt to have it both ways on race.

An excerpt:

…for all of Mr. Obama’s soaring rhetoric about the nation’s need for a post-racial politics that “brings the American people together,” his campaign at times has seemed overly sensitive about race. It also seems to want it both ways. Mr. Obama claims that his brand of politics transcends race, but at the same time he’s using race as a shield to shut down important and legitimate arguments.

Already, prominent Obama sympathizers, such as Harvard’s Orlando Patterson, are detecting racial overtones where none exist. In a New York Times op-ed this week, Mr. Patterson said a Clinton political ad designed to question Mr. Obama’s readiness as Commander in Chief contained a “racist sub-message” because none of the people depicted in the TV spot are black. Counting people of color in an ad about national security is hardly consistent with the Obama theme that “race doesn’t matter.”

We suppose some of the current back and forth is due to the diversity preoccupations of Democrats. But it bodes ill for an honest fall campaign if Mr. Obama and his allies are going to play the race card to blunt any criticism. A campaign in which John McCain couldn’t question Mr. Obama’s policies, experience and mettle without being called a racist is not what the country needs. Or wants.

Democrats have repeatedly touted the diversity of their party’s White House hopefuls. And it is true that a Clinton or Obama Presidency would make gender or racial history. Americans of all backgrounds can take satisfaction in watching the country field its first black Presidential candidate with a chance to win. But voters also want their would-be Presidents properly vetted, by the media and by each other. To that end Mr. Obama would do better to focus more on answering his political critics with specifics and less on questioning their motives by crying wolf on race.

And the always insightful Dorothy Rabinowitz examines Obama’s use of the race card, the role of the pliant media, and Michelle Obama’s victimization mongering.

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