No Country For Old Men

Saw the movie No Country For Old Men last night. I’m a big Coen brothers fan, and this is one of their best.

It’s nice to see that there are still some folks in the picture business, regardless of whom they vote for, who still recognize there are people in this world who are simply evil. The Coens aren’t much interested in exploring the “root causes” of the Javier Barden character’s malignancy. They don’t seem much interested in the idea, as Mark Steyn says about the left’s view of evil, that there are no bad people, only good people whose grievances we haven’t yet accommodated.

The picture skillfully explores how the good, the innocent, and the basically good-but-flawed fare when confronted by pure evil. It’s also nice to see a real grown-up in the Tommy Lee Jones’s character of the sheriff who rejects the idea that the Barden character is “psychotic” or a “lunatic.” He’s seen evil and its destruction before, and he makes no excuses for it as he wrestles with whether or not he is willing to pay the price that will be exacted if he challenges it.

In this election year, when we are likely to have to choose between a candidate who seeks to accommodate evil and one who will fight it, No Country For Old Men provides some powerful food for thought.

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