Franklin Delano Krugman

The thoughts of New York Times columnist Paul Krugman represent the epitome of post-1972 Democratic pacifist ideology. In his and the Democrats’ world, the Republicans are fear mongers who are exaggerating the Islamic threat.

It’s not the Islamists we need to fear, he says, but rather “the unreasoning fear that has taken over one of America’s two great political parties.”

So let me get this straight: we do need to be afraid of “global warming” which may or may not produce negative consequences in some places sometime in the next century, but we don’t need to be afraid of jihadists who have already murdered thousands of innocent people and a nuclear armed Iran (sometime within the next decade if something isn’t done to stop it) which has threatened Israel with annihilation.

Read Krugman’s column here.

Another response to Krugman here.

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