Stonewall Sulzberger

Do we need to have Patrick Fitzgerald on the case in the New York Times’ coverup of Betrayusgate?

Thomas Lifson writes in the American Thinker:

Once again, the Watergate maxim that “the cover-up is worse than the crime” is proving valid. And Clark Hoyt, “public editor” (ombudsman) of the New York Times is playing the part of John Dean in what could be titled “All the Publisher’s Men.”

The revelations about the MoveOn “betray us” ad contained in Hoyt’s column today raise serious questions about the integrity of the company’s management. Members of the Sulzberger/Ochs family who control the Times have even more reason to be gravely concerned the very survival of their patrimony is being jeopardized by incompetence or worse on the part of Pinch Sulzberger and the management team he has installed.

The New York Times made a severe error when it violated its own policies in allowing a scurrilous personal attack on General Petraeus to be published in a full page ad and in providing a deeply discounted rate to Hoyt properly describes the discount as a “mistake.” But that term is inoperable (to use another Watergate era expression) when it comes to the cover-up. When the paper’s management was challenged and the company learned of the errors, it continued to maintain otherwise for almost two weeks.

There is no pleasant way to state this, but Rick Moran put it very well in the American Thinker blog section when he wrote: “… all the lies told by spokesmen for the New York Times have all been shown to be an effort to hide the truth from the American people.”

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