We Can Only Presume

Rutgers University is, of course, a morally unreproachable institution, the members of the Rutgers Girls’ basketball team are cloistered nuns, and The New York Post’s Phil Mushnick wouldn’t have it any other way:

Those young women on Rutgers’ basketball team? It’s hardly surprising that they’d be deeply offended by Imus’ characterization of them as “nappy-headed ho’s.” Exactly who was supposed to be amused by such a comment, anyway? And it’s admirable that they’d be moved to speak their outrage during a university-facilitated news conference.

We can only presume, then, that none of them are in possession of music performed by, among many others, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent, artists who regularly refer to young women as “ho’s” and “bitches” while black men are as regularly called “niggas.”

As low as Imus has aimed, little can compare to much of the violent, bigoted stuff heard from so many popular rappers – and sold at a mall near you!

So it’s not possible, is it, that even one of these young women has any of that racist and misogynistic stuff downloaded onto her iPod, right? After all, the use of “ho’s” as a substitute for “women” can in large part be directly traced to black rap artists, not Don Imus.

And we can only presume that Rutgers, a state university, had well before Imus’ comment worked diligently to rid its campuses of such hateful, hurtful and harmful words as those chanted in rap music.

Why I’ll bet that RU must have long ago banned concerts that would include such offensive lyrics. And surely RU students known to enjoy such disturbingly hate-filled music were ordered to sensitivity training sessions – under threat of expulsion.

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