Were the Jews Responsible for Imus?

Out of all the hypocrisy and faux piety produced by the Imus affair, my personal favorite was uttered by Robert L. Johnson, a billionaire black media mogul and head of Black Entertainment Television, which by the way, daily purveys misogynist rap “music.”

Johnson told NBC’s David Gregory that had Imus insulted Jews the way he insulted black people, “he’d be gone the next day” (Johnson’s emphasis).

Johnson’s observation was too much for the uncharacteristically subdued Gregory, who interrupted him to point out that Imus had indeed been “hard on Jews.” He didn’t give any examples, but here are two: Imus once referred to the Simon and Schuster Publishing Company as “thieving Jews” (He later apologized for being redundant); then there was the time he called media critic Howard Kurtz a “boner-nosed, beanie-wearing Jew boy.” (I believe Kurtz continued to appear on the show.)

But getting back to Johnson: From whence did he get this idea? From the old anti-Semitic canard that the Jews control everything, including the media and its corporate sponsors. Actually, he implies even worse: Since the Jews control the media, the Jews are responsible for promoting bigotry toward blacks while protecting themselves.

Keep in mind that these sentiments did not come from a right wing Christian evangelical, nor did they emanate from the “Bushitler” administration. Rather they came from an influential black media titan who holds the title of America’s first black billionaire and who also holds an advanced degree from Princeton.

Is there any truth to Johnson’s belief that Jews have such power? I don’t remember any Jewish organization pressuring the networks or sponsors to fire Don Imus for insulting Jews.

Then there’s the case of Jimmy Carter, the author of a book (published by those “thieving Jews,” Simon and Schuster), in which he argues that Israel has established an “apartheid” colony on the West Bank of the Jordan River. Carter has not apologized (and no one, to my knowledge, has asked him to) for the title and the distortions that many Jews find offensive. Nor as far as I know have any Jews launched a pressure campaign against Simon and Schuster and its owner CBS, the very organization that pulled the plug on Don Imus.

And Al Sharpton, the Pope of the Democratic Party.

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