This Is Only The Beginning

The other day, Democratic Party apparatchik Bob Shrum urged the race-baiters to go after the Dem’s real nemesis, talk radio.

Today, Drudge quotes Tawana Brawley Al:

SHARPTON VOWS MORE: ‘It is our feeling that this is only the beginning. We must have a broad discussion on what is permitted and not permitted in terms of the airwaves’…

Neal Boortz describes the post-Imus agenda:

For years now the left has employed various tactics to marginalize talk radio. The favorite tactic is the tired “hate radio” accusation. The general idea here is that anything said on a talk radio show that is at variance with liberal dogma is “hate speech.” This tactic hasn’t worked … and talk radio continues to grow.

Well .. now there’s a new game plan. Use the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons of this world to attack these hosts on the basis of race. That’s right .. this whole Imus affair isn’t really about race! The TV networks and the liberal mainstream media haven’t been hammering this Imus thing day after day after day because they really care about the racial aspects of the story. If they were that concerned about the racial angle they would be playing up the Duke case to a similar extent. Race is the means, not the reason. Right now the mainstream press sees race as the key to destroying talk radio. Focus on the hosts … wait until they say something that can be racially exploited, and then launch the relentless attack. Go after networks, stations and advertisers. Concentrate on them — one at a time — like hyenas looking for a meal. Select prey that looks vulnerable. Isolate that prey and go in for the kill. I don’t know how many hosts there are out there who have not made comments about black politicians, celebrities or culture that could be used as the basis for a full force attack. I know I have. Have I gone overboard? You bet! Hell .. 37 years in the business, how can you not have screwed up from time to time? I’ve apologized in the past — and probably will one day say something else that merits an apology. Apologies aren’t enough, however. The Christian concept of forgiveness and tolerance means nothing to the “reverends” Jackson and Sharpton. They’re sharks .. and there’s blood in the water.

Boortz also mentions Jesse Jackson’s role in the Duke case:

…while the race industry is calling for the head of Don Imus, we have Crystal Gail Mangum of North Carolina. Who is she? She is the woman who falsely accused three members of the Duke lacrosse team of rape. Her unsubstantiated charges resulted in a media firestorm against Duke University and these lacrosse players.

Would you like to spend a few moments comparing the effect of Mangum’s charges on the Duke lacrosse team and Imus’ words on the Rutgers woman’s basketball team? Sure! Why not! Now, let’s see …… The remainder of the Duke lacrosse season was cancelled. They were nationally ranked, and had to forfeit the rest of their games. The coach, Mike Pressler, resigned. “Mug shots” of the lacrosse players were posted on campus. Mark Anthony Neal, an African Studies professor on the campus said that this was “a case of racialized sexual violence.” A Durham, N.C. resident called it “racial terrorism.” In the middle of all of this we had a district attorney, Michael Nifong, who was running for reelection in a majority-black jurisdiction. There were suggestions that he wanted to be the mayor one day.

Jesse Jackson had plenty to say about this case also. In his column on Jackson said “Predictably, the right-wing media machine has kicked in, prompting mean-spirited attacks upon the accuser’s character.” Later he offered to pay Mangum’s tuition for a college education if her story proved true. Later he amended his promise. In January he said that the Rainbow/Push Coalition would pay her college tuition even if it turns out she completely fabricated her story! Now isn’t that special? Hey sisters! How would you like to get a college scholarship from Jesse Jackson? Apparently all you have to do is lodge a false rape accusation against an all-white college sports team!

Get out your checkbook, Jesse. Now we have learned that it was a hoax. No truth. The North Carolina Attorney General’s office has declared the accused players to be innocent. A State Bar investigation of Nifong continues. And thus far Jesse Jackson has not come forward to offer any comfort to the lacrosse players falsely accused by Ms. Mangum.

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