Fire the Duke President and Faculty!

A New York Post editorial looks at the guilty parties in the North Carolina version of the Tawana Brawley hoax:

David Evans, Colin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann no longer face the prospect of a long stretch in prison, but the three have surely been tarred for life by these events.

And not just by an out-of-control DA.

* More than 10 percent of the Duke University faculty still need to answer for issuing an outrageous statement that not only denied the three men a presumption of innocence, but actually declared them guilty.

Indeed, the professors rejected calls that the legal process be allowed to play itself out, hailing those students whose “collective noise” raised the ante of political pressure that led Nifong to file his dubious legal charges. How reckless.

Even now, they remain contemptuously unapologetic – insisting that “the legal process will not resolve” the allegedly continuing campus atmosphere of “sexism, racism and sexual violence.”

* University President Richard Brodhead immediately canceled the lacrosse season and pressured the coach to resign after the initial accusation that an assault had occurred. Two of the three defendants were suspended.

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