Oprah in the Morning

Last week Don Imus referred to the Rutgers girls’ basketball team as “nappy-headed hos,” some line he probably heard from a rapper. Imus is a comedian whose act is what might be called white guys’ humor. Like Howard Stern and other morning “radio jocks,” Imus is not for women or hyper-sensitive minorities.

I would have thought that if anyone could blow off the race police, it would be the “I-Man.” So I was shocked to hear Imus on the air this morning doing the usual grovel required of “insensitive” celebrities.

Over the years, the traditional grovel has required one to prostrate oneself before the Reverend Jesse Jackson, but now the Reverend Al Sharpton has opened another station of the cross. He has graciously agreed to allow Imus to grovel some more on the reverend’s own radio show.

Al Sharpton? The last time I looked, Sharpton had yet to apologize for (or pay damages to the real victim of) the Tawana Brawley fraud. Nor do I remember hearing his regrets over instigating the firebombing of a Harlem store which resulted in fatalities.

Jackson, Sharpton and their ilk want Imus fired. I don’t think that’ll be necessary given the following:

Speaking Monday morning on his radio show, the contrite Imus called himself “a good person” who made a bad mistake. And he promised to check his acid tongue in the future.

“Because the climate on this program has been what it’s been for 30 years doesn’t mean it’s going to be what it’s been for the next five years or whatever,” Imus said.

Oprah in the Morning?

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