Not the Saudi "Peace Plan" Again

The New York Times reports on the Hamas weapons buildup in Gaza:

Hamas, the dominant faction in the Palestinian government, is building its military capacity in the Gaza Strip, constructing tunnels and underground bunkers and smuggling in ground-to-air missiles and military-grade explosives, senior Israeli officials say.

The officials, including a top military commander who spoke in an interview on Friday, said that Hamas had learned tactics from Hezbollah, the Lebanese militant group, which brought in and stored thousands of rockets in bunkers near the northern Israeli border before its war with Israel last summer.

In Gaza, the Israeli commander said, Hamas has now recruited 10,000 fighters to its so-called Executive Force, a parallel police force intended to counter the control its rival Fatah exercises over the Palestinian Authority’s security forces. The Executive Force is now divided into five “so-called brigades, with battalion leaders” and is receiving more military training and sharing a common headquarters, he said, with the Qassam brigades, Hamas’s military wing.

The commander, who gave the briefing at the request of The New York Times and spoke on condition of anonymity, said that Hamas’s improved rockets had a range of about 10 miles, which would allow them to hit the Israeli town of Ashkelon.

Meanwhile, the moronic Saudi “Peace Plan” is resurrected and supported by Condi Rice.

David Warren comments:

Oh no, not the Saudi peace plan again.

King Abdullah has resuscitated the proposal he last mooted in 2002 through the journalist, Thomas Friedman — this time in the son et lumière of the 19th Arab League summit in Riyadh, with 14 other unelected Arab leaders signing on; and in the fawning presence of Condoleezza Rice of the U.S., Javier Solana of the E.U., and Ban Ki-moon of the U.N. Once again the proposal is merely declared. Israel gets to read about it in the papers, for as usual, the House of Saud will not speak to Jews directly.

The proposal is simple. Israel must withdraw to its boundaries before the 1967 Six Day War, surrendering much of Jerusalem and all its defensible military positions to a new Palestinian government dominated by the overtly terrorist party, Hamas. And then, Israel will allow a “right of return” to several million descendants of Palestinian refugees from 1948, swamping it with people who have all their lives vowed to destroy it. In return, Israel will be “recognized” by “all” Arab states. This is a take-it-or-leave-it proposition, for as King Abdullah was quick to add, Israeli hesitation to meet any of these conditions will leave it at the mercy of the “lords of war.”

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