Picky About Her Friends

Israeli Fania Oz-Sulzberger,writing in today’s Wall Street Journal, decides to get “picky about her friends”:

An Israeli gal like me cannot afford to be too picky about her friends, certainly not in Europe. Recent European polls proclaimed Israel the single most dangerous country on earth, the guiltiest monger of global conflict, and, to crown it all, the least desirable place to live. Most Israelis, busy with their thriving economy under a warm Mediterranean sun, tend to forgive such pronouncements coming from dismal Düsseldorf and snowbound Stockholm. But a new challenge has now cropped up. We seem to have gained new European friends, and not quite for the right reasons.

These new pro-Israel voices base a love of Jews upon the hatred of Muslims. Last September the European Coalition for Israel convened in Brussels, its most prominent speakers lamenting the loss of European Jewry alongside the rise of European Islam. The tone was belligerent, the linkage crude: “The enemies of Israel are also a threat to Europe,” delegates were told. And also: “In only two generations, most parts of Europe will be under Islamic law.” Other self-declared friends grimly speak of Londonistan and augur the coming of the European Caliphate. Such statements may reflect genuine concern, but are disconcerting when made on European soil.

Now I might sort of agree with her on one thing: why is it necessary to bring Israel and the Jews into an effort to warn your fellow citizens of the dangers of a large and growing number of inassimilable Muslims in your countries? But I don’t see how invoking Israel is going to gain your cause much favor among the majority of Europeans who seem to believe that Israel (not Iran, not Hamasistan not Hezbollahstan) is the world’s “most guilty mongerer of global conflict.” So, you could argue that their concern about Israel is genuine, since it’s unlikely to win them any friends among the Israel-hating Europeans.

She goes on:

I’m touched by the sight of young Muslim women in European university campuses. They remind my of my own grandmother, a student in Prague who had to flee after the Nazi rise to power, and of all the other young and hopeful Jews whose dreams and lives were shattered by the European culture they so admired. I will therefore not solicit support based on unqualified dislike of other human groups, least of all on the continent that kicked out my grandparents.

I’m touched by her being touched, but is she sure that those Muslim students in European universities are as admiring of European culture as her beloved grandmother was? As I remember, Mohammed Atta and his colleagues also studied in European universities and went on to enroll in American aviation schools. Were they motivated by a love of European culture or were the motivated by a murderous hatred of European culture?

She concludes:

Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may be threatening the existence of Israel today, but no Muslim power has ever dealt the Jews such calamities as brought upon them by Europe.

Not yet, that is. And:

Israelis probably deserve a better European opinion, warranted by our history, culture, science and freedom. Not for being the targeted foes of Islam. Beware of Islamophobes bearing gifts.

Israelis probably deserve a better European opinion?

This woman suffers from severe cognitive dissonance brought on by exposure to a lethal dose of liberal platitudes. She, not the handful of Europeans who support Israel and worry about an Islamic Europe, is her worst enemy.

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