The Coalition of the Unwilling

Mark Steyn sums up the Baker “study group”:

The Baker “study group” is an almost parodic exercise in grandee committee construction: not just Vernon Jordan but Sandra Day O’Connor! But in the driving seat are the unreal “realists” wedded to the same Middle Eastern “stability” that gave us 9/11. The same Bush 41 crowd who wanted to keep the Soviet Union going even after the Politburo had given up on it, the same Zbigniew Brzezinski whose big idea in the Seventies was outsourcing Afghan destabilization to the House of Saud and Pakistan’s ISI, the same realpolitik guys who got the last 30 years entirely wrong are back in favor in DC and with the old confidence in their voice. November 7th was a vote for September 10th, and a strange Pelosi-Baker coalition of the unwilling is ready to oblige.

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