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Dysfunctional Europe? We Should Be So Lucky.

The defeat of the Eurofetishists and a victory for democracy.

Koran Harm

The “Koran Harm” investigation has to be a joke, right?

The sight of an Army general submitting with a straight face to innumerable questions from equally straight-faced reporters about “abuse” of a book makes me think C-span is broadcasting Monty Python re-runs or Saturday Night Live sketches.

And then the New York Times runs a story at the top of the front page on the “Koran harm” “evidence.” The islamicists blow up ancient Buddahs in Afghanistan, destroy Rachel’s Tomb (Judaism’s third holiest site), take over and defile the Church of the Nativity (believed by Christians to be the birth place of Jesus Christ), and the Western media yawns. But an American “infidel” “stands over” a Koran at Guantanamo and we get the Spanish Inquisition.

Meanwhile Tom Friedman calls for the closing of the prison camp at Guantanamo because the European, Canadian, and Australian left-wing press claims we’re torturing those innocents down there, as if closing Gitmo would satisfy them. The Euro-lefties believe all the prisoners we hold are “political” prisoners; just like during the 60’s the left claimed that all incarcerated blacks were political prisoners.

Bush and the U.S. military should stop trying to appease those critics here and abroad who want us to fail in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the rest of the Middle East and devote all of their time and energy in the effort to decisively defeat those working to destroy us.

McCain's Demographics and Voinovich's Tears

Mark Steyn on McCain and Voinovich.

On McCain:

John McCain will never be president. Now you talk about his home state. His home state is, in fact, the newsroom of the New York Times. He has tremendous appeal among key demographics of columnists, journalists, editors, news anchors, network reporters, the secretary in the research department standing by the photocopier. But among Republican primary voters, he has very minimal appeal, and insofar as this deal does anything, it only weakens his appeal to Republicans.

On Voinovich:

And this business about going to the well, you know, this guy choking up with tears over the appointment of a U.N. ambassador, I mean I think that’s great if he wants to be subbing for Sally Field’s Oscar speeches. But this is a pathetic performance. And the sobbing, and the weeping and the wailing is just ridiculous for a man who, whatever you feel about him, John Bolton, is someone who deserves examination for his view of international institutions, international law, and their effectiveness. And this is why people loathe the Senate, because some empty, vapid, puffed-up poser, just sobbing and bleating about his grandchildren on there, I mean there are one hundred U.S. Senators out of a potential pool of 300 million. 400 million if you include all the fine, upstanding members of the undocumented American community in your part of the country. And it should be possible to get a hundred people who can stand there and discuss the issues in an articulate way, instead of blathering cliches about the well being dry. And it isn’t. It’s overflowing with his sob sister routine.

I Like Me, I Really Like Me!

Fourteen narcissists go to Washington.

Stem Cell Research

Which argument do you buy? The Times or the Journal?

Deal of Deception

What’s really behind the Gang of 14’s deal on the judicial nominations.

How to Flush a 950 Page Book Down a Low-Flush Toilet

The cricketer and the Arab Street.

Incurious George

With wit and style, Christopher Hitchens demolishes the obnoxious George Galloway.

Why Do They Hate Us? Redux

Remember right after 9/11 when the only thing fashionable leftists could think to say was that it must have been something we did to provoke the islamicists to murder 3000 innocents?

Well that oldie is back with a vengeance on the front page of today’s New York Times.

According to the Times, the world’s Muslims currently hate us because of our allegedly cruel treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo. Of course, the biased, hysterical tone and substance of the Times’ coverage of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo and other putative examples of prisoner abuse couldn’t have anything to do with the supposed unrest in the Arab “street.”

Reading the Times, you’d think no one over in the Middle East gives a damn about the barbaric bombing of innocent Iraqis and Afghanis trying to go about their daily lives. And if they do care more about what’s happening to jihadists at Guantanamo than they do about innocent victims of jihadist terror in Iraq and elsewhere, then what does that say about them?

In other words, perhaps they (and their Western apologists) ought to look at themselves before they accuse us.


Daniel Pipes relates another trumped-up example of an “outrage” against Islam.