High Tech Lynching?

New York Times columnist Frank Rich is a left-winger whose stance is to hysterically warn of threats where none exists while ignoring those that are all too real.

His latest boogeyman is Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist who is making an appearance today at a televised rally critical of the judiciary. The rally’s theme is that attacks on Bush’s judicial appointments are really attacks on “people of faith.”

Rich, in his typically hyperbolic way, equates Frist with George Wallace. But I don’t understand why you can’t criticize judges. The judiciary is one of the three branches of government, and Rich has been unstinting in his attacks on the executive and legislative branches under Republican control. At least, the president and members of congress have to run for election. Judges not only don’t have to submit to the humbling experience of having to ask people for their votes at regular intervals, Rich would shield them from criticism as well (though not when they decide as they did in Bush versus Gore).

Apparently Rich believes that judges should be protected from such indignities in the same way Joe Biden and John Kerry would have us believe subordinates should be protected from disapproving superiors like John Bolton. In other words, Rich’s hysteria is completely phony.

The fight over judges is really a fight over abortion, and judges who are religious are assumed by inquisitors like Charles Schumer to be hot to bring down Roe versus Wade. So yes, “people of faith” are being filibustered by Senators who are beholden to the powerful pro-abortion lobby.

Frank Rich wants us to believe that Frist and company yearn for a fundamentalist theocracy in America which would deprive us of the “joyous vulgarity” of having Janet Jackson’s boob thrust upon us at the Super Bowl. He sees no danger in the corrupting influence rap “music” has on kids, nor does he seem concerned over the use of neoconservative as a code word for Jew. Those are things we should worry about.

As for criticism of judges? Be not afraid.

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